Te Rangihaeata Oranga Trust

Hawke's Bay Gambling Services

Referral Process

Resources to help identify harmful gambling clients and respond to their needs

Professionals in health, welfare, legal and financial services often come into contact with people affected by harmful gambling, and may be amongst the first to be asked for help.

Early identification of harmful gambling can prevent intensification of harm. Brief screening can provide a pathway for people who might otherwise not seek help.

Use our Passport to Health as an identification tool with your client. Alternatively, for advice, assistance or more information, contact us on:
Napier/Hastings:   (06) 876 6267
Wairoa:   (06) 876 6792
Central Hawkes Bay:   (06) 876 6792

What can you do:

  • Learn to identify common signs of gambling problems in clients
  • Offer them advice and support
  • Refer those clients to us in confidence

Ask your client this question:
  • Have you or a family member ever had a problem with gambling?

Some commmon signs your client may have a gambling problem:

  • Self neglect or neglecting personal or parental responsibilities
  • They have unexplained headaches, difficulty sleeping, stress or anxiety
  • They are using alcohol or other drugs more often
  • Regular requests for unexplained financial assistance
  • Ongoing financial problems that cannot be explained
  • Legal problems relating to gambling